Looking For Love?

If you are serious about finding a long term special friend or partner we have added a great new way to ensure others who feel the same way can more easily find you - while those who are less serious will also more easily see your reasons for being on NZDating.

The NZDating Looking for love...'looking for love' programme is designed to give eligible members the opportunity to identify themselves as seriously looking for a partner. To ensure only the most genuine members are involved, there are a number of criteria that must be met before a member qualifies for the programme. In this way you can be more sure that these members are genuinely trying to find a long term partner.

In order to qualify for Looking for Love members must:

  - have a fully-enabled NZDating advertisement
  - be seeking a relationship (as opposed to friendships or sexual categories)
  - have a genuine photo of themself in their ad
  - not have any photos in their ad containing nudity
  - not use any obscene or offensive language in your profile

How do I become a Looking for love...'looking for love' member? Its free & easy! If you qualify, you will be able to select 'Looking for Love' as your preferred 'I'm looking for:' category in Edit Advert.

In addition NZDating Looking for Love members who also opt for Gold Membership have a dramatically higher chance of getting noticed and taken more seriously by other NZDating members, while additional Gold membership features allow you to more easily find and keep track of those members you are particularly interested in.