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While standard membership with NZDating is free, we believe NZDating Gold Membership offers the best value premium online friendship/dating service available anywhere. In fact some lesser-featured services with far less members charge many times the cost of NZDating Gold Membership!

Gold membership can be purchased in a number of ways, with options to purchase a short trial membership of 1 month ($14.95), three months ($27.95), six months ($39.95) or for a whole year ($59.95)

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Please note: All amounts quoted are in NZ Dollars and include GST. All month figures are equivalent to 31 days. If you are outside of NZ, please refer to our payment FAQ

INSTANT: Credit Card (Online)

- To instantly upgrade to Gold status pay online using your credit card. let's do it!
NZCity can accept VISA and MasterCard and has fully secure online facilities

7-14 BUSINESS DAYS: Internet or Phone Banking

- you can also deposit your Gold Membership fees directly into the NZDating bank account. tell me how!
Simply use your bank's phone or online banking to make the transfer

7-14 BUSINESS DAYS: Over the Counter Bank Deposit

- you can also deposit your Gold Membership fees directly into the NZDating bank account. tell me how!
go to a local National Bank branch to make the deposit into the NZDating account

SPECIALS: Special Offer or Voucher Code

- if you have been given a special NZDating Gold Membership code or voucher use this to upgrade to Gold Membership. details here...
These are limited time special offers

For more information on funding your NZDating account, please see our payment FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). For NZDating terms of use and refund policy, please see Terms of Use

If you have made a payment and your account hasn't been upgraded for longer than the time period above, please use our payment enquiry form.

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